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Privacy Policy

Keeping in mind the significance of the users’ information, we cautiously collect their information just to bring improvements in our website so that it can be made more accessible and user-friendly for the users.

The information which we have provided online on our support portal is the exclusive property of website and no one is permitted to use that without having consent from us.

Neither we use users’ information nor do we let our information to be used for online trade and transaction purposes without consent. We tend to make our forum more wide and accessible to the users by personalizing it as per the users’ online needs and requirements. We collect users’ information and the data from online cookies and we make the database which we further make input of that in our website to strengthen our online support service.

How users’ data is important to us?

Everything is useful for us, which users share online whether it is the information about the online service, their issues with the web-based services or their views. Their information helps us personalize the support forum according to the trending needs.

We have a propensity to have best optimizing in our support forum so that users’ information can be kept safe from online threats and spywares. We ensure users for the safety of their data shared by them, notwithstanding, we don’t give our undertaking or liability to the users for any erroneous online activity.

Make certain about the accuracy of the information

Users are advised not to share wrongful data while they provide information for the online payment as it is a severe concern as per the law. No users are permitted to send or share incorrect information and if such happens, users will have to bear the accountability for the legal action which will be taken against them. However, we keep users’ information private and secure but we don’t let ourselves be accountable for the support service and users are suggested to act as per their discretion while using support forum’s information and online service.

We are independent to change our privacy policy at website at anytime as per the latest guidelines received from Cyber law authorities as we are extremely concerned about the rules and regulations.