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How to Contact Mozilla Thunderbird Technical support?

Are you a user of Mozilla Thunderbird? Are you facing any sorts of issues with your Mozilla apps? Are you tired of finding the Mozilla thunderbird technical support number? Here we are guiding you about the best ways you can reach to the customer support team of Mozilla Firefox.

Users usually quote an enquiry for customer support when Mozilla Firefox takes too long to respond or when there is any unwanted plugins installed on the browser. Often the reason for causing idleness of your browser is because of the outdated web browser. Usually Firefox itself update automatically by default. In some cases it won’t update automatically. You can get details about the recent updates from the settings bar added on the right hand side of your browser.

Another cause for causing the slowness of your browser is due to the less-speed internet connection, presence of malware in your device or due to a corrupt file that linked with your Firefox. In such a situation, it is important to fix the issue in time. Therefore, we are recommending you to contact the Mozilla thunderbird customer support through the methods given below.

4 possible ways to Contact Mozilla Thunderbird Customer Service

Mozilla Thunderbird Customer Support Help Page

For the troubleshooting subscribers, Mozilla introduced a technical support help page where you can find all the solutions regarding frequent issues on thunderbird. To access this page, click on and check all the answers added under ‘Hello Topics.’ Select the topic shown there, which is merely related to your issue.

For an instance, if Mozilla Thunderbird not sending message, then it will be an issue related to the POP3/ IMAP. In such a case, you need to click on ‘Email’ section added on Mozilla Thunderbird technical support help page to find possible solutions regarding it.

Contact Mozilla thunderbird Support via Forum

Official website of Mozilla Firefox affirms that, more than 400 million people using Mozilla applications. Among that, 20% of 400 millions are belongs to Thunderbird platform. If you encountered an issue on Thunderbird, and that issue is irresolvable through the guidance given on Mozilla thunderbird customer support help center, then we are recommending you to share your issue to the Mozilla thunderbird customer service forum, where you will get best troubleshoot information of your Firefox.

To access the Microsoft Support forum, Click ‘Get Community Support’ shown under and then click on ‘Ask Question’ to post a question in the forum.

Important: Only registered users are allowed to ask a question on the forum. If you are not a registered user, signup first with your email address and then post a question.

Contact Mozilla Thunderbird Customer Support Team via ‘Contact Us’

If none of the two above mentioned methods works for you, then you can contact Mozilla Thunderbird support team via the data given on the webpage. You can find the address of various office locations of Mozilla there. But, keep in mind that it’s not the right way to get answers for your issues. As notified earlier through this post, you can get assistance from Mozilla support forum or from the form links given under ‘Questions and Feedback’ sections on the contact page.

Mozilla also have good social media presence. You can use hash tag #MozillaThuderbirdSupport to get notice your issue by the executives.


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