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What you do first if your internet explorer stops working? Do you then first try to contact the Internet explorer customer support or you tried to contact the IE customer support to resolve the issue? If you are unsure about the IE settings functions, then you cannot fix the issue by self. As the Microsoft is stopped adding new updates due to the drop of users from IE to other similar platforms like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, they stopped giving customer support through Internet Explorer customer service phone number. Now, the only possible way left to resolve the issue is by visiting the Microsoft Internet explorer customer support forum or help center page.

Since from the very beginning, IE have lots of issues. Have you ever observed a warning message that popping up which saying your internet explorer has stopped working? Of course many of you get such an error message once on their IE. Let’s examine some of the common reasons for the occurring this error.

Internet Explorer Technical Support to fix Errors

Certainly, there are numerous reasons for the occurring of this issue. Let’s examine it one by one.

Is the ‘Stops Working’ issue you noticed first time?

According to the suggestions given by Internet Explorer Technical Support, the problem might be temporary. To fix the issue, try restarting Internet Explorer.

If the above method won’t help you at all, then probably the reasons for stop the working of IE are the presence of a spyware, an add-on a computer virus or corrupted file sediment in your drive. If so, take the following actions to fix the issue. For more assistance, share your issue to the Internet Explorer Customer support forum added on

Keep your windows up-to-date:

Make sure that windows that you are using are up-to-date. Windows update will help your system and its associated software, free from threats and potential malicious links. You can find alerts about the recent updates about windows OS from control panel.

Read the display suggestions by IE customer support:

While the time of encountering an issue on IE, Microsoft automatically displays a screen which says Check for solutions to the problem. You can find step by step actions you can take to resolve the issue.

Run Antispyware Programs:

it is always recommended to scan your computer on a regular basis with original internet security application. This will really help you to terminate unwanted software from the device and make system free. For more assistance, visit the Internet Explorer technical support community forum.

Update Your Internet Security applications:

Make sure that the internet security application configured with your device is up-to-date. As you know that, there are new viruses are generating on day to day. So, it’s important to keep it up-to-date. If you purchased a free anti-virus (like Microsoft Security Essentials) you will get notifications about updates once in a month OR if you are using a premium version of internet security application, you will get its notification regarding updates in your apps as well as your registered mail inbox.

How to Contact the Internet Explorer customer support?

For assistance and clarifications, you can contact the Internet Explorer customer service, which is one of the best ways to resolve the issue. The Internet Explorer customer support is available via its forum. To ask a question to a IE customer support executive of Internet Explorer forum, visit >Internet Explorer >Forums


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