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Two Easiest ways to contact Google Chrome Customer Support Team

Are you encountered any sorts of issues with the Google Chrome web browser, like Google Chrome not working, download error, file corrupted etc? So, on such a situation, you definitely seek for the Google chrome technical support.

Unlike other many web browsers, there are only less numbers of issues reporting on Google Chrome. But yes there are issues. Whether the issue is minor or major it is important to find a solution at the right time. Have you ever noticed an ‘Aw Snap’ error when the page crash? By clicking the refresh icon you can resolve the issue. That’s an easily resolvable issue.

But what to do if you face critical issues like- virus links presence noted on Google chrome which resulting the blocking of access to SSL marked websites. Such a scenario, you require a best customer technician assistance that can help you to free your browser from all such worrisome issues. Below, are two possible ways you can contact the Google chrome technical support.

Before the introduction to this topic, we want to say Google chrome didn’t have any Technical support phone number or a chat option. So, never go behind such a thing. When the product was launched on 2004, it offered support through support forms and when the queries of customers tremendously increased, Google stopped giving customer support through the forms. Now, the two ways for getting support, is through forum and help center page.

Google Chrome customer Service through help center

Have you ever visited Gmail Help center? Yes, we believe so. The Google Chrome customer service help center is also exactly like that. Visit and then either type on search bar for the solutions or browse by topics given there. It is sure that you can find best solutions from there for every issue on chrome. Chrome developers also added feedback and complaint submission form over there exclusively for some issues.

Google Chrome Technical support through forum

If the information given in Google chrome help center didn’t helps you, then you need to contact the technicians of Google chrome. As said earlier, the Google chrome didn’t provided any modes of support either through toll-free number extension or via a support chat. On such a scenario, you needed to choose an alternate option to get a live assistance. The forum support provided on Google chrome is one of the best ways you follow for getting live Google chrome customer service support.

Visit Google chrome customer support Forum and then click on ‘New Topic’ to add a new question to the forum. Before posting a question, make sure that the question you posted there is a fresh one. Check the topic suggestions that pop-up on the right hand side of the message typing bar if you find an already posted query similar to your Chrome issue, please make use of them. If not, post a new topic on forum. Your query will be answered in next 48 hours by the forum contributors or Google chrome feedback team.

Stay up-to-date with Google Chrome alerts

Find the recent updates of Google chrome on its official blog ( Google developers will frequently update this blog about the recently added features or actions taken about any security loop holes noted on chrome.


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