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The information about the support services which have been provided online are for all valuable users so that they can have smooth and hassle-free access to their web-based services and tools.

You may find logos, trademarks and brand names at our website but those do not belong to us-they belong to their respective owners. We use product, company and service name at our website just for identification purpose. Use of these brands, trademarks, and names does not imply endorsement.

The information which has been offered to the users is quite accurate and approved as per our knowledge but we shall bear no accountability for the information or the support which users get through the support portal.

The information which is shared by the users is not used in any case for the purpose of online trade and transactions and users are also provided utmost safety and security from online threats even though we are not to be claimed bythe users for any wrongful online activity.

Users are advised to harness the online information and support services with their own discretion. The website is not accountable for the loss of users’ data which they share online with the customer support executives or for the support services which users can have availed through the support portal.